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Nyssa's Journal
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Below are the 17 most recent journal entries recorded in Nyssa's LiveJournal:

Saturday, March 15th, 2003
8:39 pm
*yawn* *streach* *looks around*

Why hello, Anji. You are not usually on this TARDIS. Where am I?

Where is Seven?

Oh, dear, I had the most dreadful dream. Downright dreadful.

The last thing I remember is pulling Fitz's unconsious body from under the console. And then the last clear thing I remember after that was Fitz asking me to shag him. Dreadfully bad dream.

Then there someone speeking about some Key to Time, which sounded like my voice, but it sounded EVIL....

Oh, dear, can someone please explain to me where I am and what has happened

Current Mood: confused
Friday, March 14th, 2003
2:58 pm
*center of TARDIS's console begins to light and pulsate up and down* *tardis begins to shudder for a bit*

*Nyssa's unconsious body lies in a heap on the floor*
Thursday, March 13th, 2003
9:46 am
The KEY to TIME.
Ysu I hav thea *hic* Key to Time. *Hiccup*

damn swigh of 90% proof alchyhow *hic*

and dam thas body and is *hic* low akayhole talerenace *hic*

I have the Key to Time in a loakition dat you will not be ablea ti *hic* recover.

As my demands *hicup* *stumbles* where reckonized I hav decidded to allow for the hauman kalled Fitz *hic* to live.

Oh I have takein all *hic* keyas and valiu*hic*ables. Waxz konsiderin to have a joyried in the TARDIS.

Wid dah KEY to TIME, nuthink can stop my *hic* evil plans to be the TIDDILLY WINKS CHAMPIANT OF THE TIME STREAMS.


Bah, stupid alkyha

Current Mood: drunk
7:25 am
Spent a good part of the morning draging fitzkreiner's sorry arse out from under the console. It took a bit of time stream jumping to do it, but I don't know if there were any other capable sober people around.

Was seriously considering just leaving his sorry ass down there. Probably should have, he'll likely wake up bitching about how the Leper touched him. Should have dumped some chemical or biological agent on him....

Maybe I just douse him in 30% proof alcohol and set him ablaze. Okay so that's not very nice of me....

Too bad... *looks around for some 30% proof alcohol* why waste a higher proof on him when 30% proof will ingnite nicely?

Oh because it seems someone has gotten to my medical suplies and TAKEN my 30% proof alcohol. *sigh* melbush did you lift my 30% proof alcohol?

Guess I'll use the 90% proof stuff. *evil grin* ...

And I can not seem to find my chemistry notes for the life of me... I was suposed to be working on a safer antidote for Phosgene....

Oh drat. *puts away the 90% alcohol so no one can find it* Best not to bother expending the energy for Fitz's anhialation. He'll find his own distruction soon enough. Muhahahahahahahaha.

EIP! what was that.

Notification: I have now possesed young Nyssa here. She will be serving to my ebil ends. First task at hand is to eliminate Fitz!

Should you desire her back, I wish the have the Key to Time in my possesion!

I get the Key to Time, you get Nyssa, and Fitz keeps his life.

The Black Guardian

*takes 90% proof alcohol and heads back to the console room.*

Wednesday, March 12th, 2003
9:49 pm
sev_doc, thinks I locked him in there on purpose. I really don't know what could have given him that silly idea.

He and Ace have now hit the pub, so I'm left to watch over the TARDIS.

I think I'll use this time to get some research done.. maybe check in on Terminus and see how Sigurd is running things.

Nah, I think a nap is more in favor.

You all enjoy your time at the pub. I'll have asprin on hand, should you need it. Just ask. *^ ^*
8:16 pm
I feel down right stupid now. Seems I missplased the key to Seven's quiet room. Hopefully Ace can make some explosive and get the door open....

Though TARDIS could be a dear and open the room too.
Tuesday, March 11th, 2003
3:43 pm
Am traveling with sev_doc. Was very nice for him to let me travel again. kamelion seems to think I just want to hunt for Olvir. This is an untruth, was actually hoping to see the cheetah planet. If that planet is still around... though I was checking the updated star charts... seems it has dissapered. Terminus doesn't even show on the blasted charts.. Too high security I presume.

Left Sigurd in charge of making hydromel. Shouldn't be to chalenging for the man. He has been shadowing me for some time now. Heck, maybe I'll fiegn death and let him take over.

Seems there was a party at the pub. thebieghone has developed a bit of a hangover and tegan_lj was getting freindly with another Doctor.

theloudone has aquired a cat. Wonder how that will work if Eight's mice get loose again. I do hope policeboxblue isn't up for playing time tricks with the animals.
Monday, March 10th, 2003
10:51 pm
Day's wrap up.
Sigurd finally delivered the medical reports and statistics. Seems the population on Terminus has had a significant recovery rate.

Our hospital has been able to cure more than one million of the original lepers that had been on board. We have lost well over a thousand of the very weak. Seems I was to late arrived to help them.

Still receiving plenty of new lepers, but the ones arriving are less advanced in the disease than previous entrants. Mainland society must have developed a more accurate way of diagnosing Lazar's disease. Which is always a plus. Lazar's disease should be nearly wiped out in the next 15 cycles.

Have contacted Seven about allowing me some travel time. I do hope the outcome is a positive one. Will be nice to travel in the TARDIS again... collect some of my notes and the like.

I do hope Ace didn't annihilate them to the extreme.

Oh and I was able to run some magnificent experiments in lab today.

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, March 9th, 2003
10:05 pm
You know, it is rather reassuring that I live on Terminus. Am practically immune from gentlemen sleazy callers.

Yes that is a very satisfying thought.

Good to know that if anyone wishes to court me, they better be very devoted ;-)

I do hope that Tegan's pregnancy proves a false alarm.

Yes, Terminus, was indeed a good choice for me.

Adendum: Seems Fitz is convinced that Tegan is pregnant..... TARDIS sugested a name for the child. Tegan, have you come up with any names
7:39 pm
Have decided to take a nap.

Valgard was quite impressed at the results of the petri dishes. Seems I have discovered another antidote to Lazzar's disease.

Am rather confused by Fitz. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Hope Tegan and the child don't have any complications. Though I was under the impression that the Doctor and all his race were sterile. Had to undergo some sort of biological agent in order to be able to regenerate. Left the Time Lord race sterile.
Could be I misread the information in TARDIS's data banks.

TARDIS, was what I was reading correct? This would, in fact, mean that Tegan is without child.

Will repost in the community to to verify question.

Then I shall take my nap

Current Mood: tired
6:17 pm
Petri dishes...
Seems the petri dishes that I've been culturing are producing positive results.

All are compleatly free of Lazzar's disease.

I shall have to report my findings to Valgard.
5:25 pm
Ah, it feels good to be back in my element: the lab.

Directed Ace to some very cool explosives. Am hoping she'll let me know how effective they are, as I didn't have the opportunity to test them myself before my untimely flight from the TARDIS.

The Company did indeed visit, so The Vanir had me hid in the Forbidden Zone. Figured I could handle myself there as seeing I've already been through a good portion of those rooms. Had a rather pleasant discussion with The Garm. Seems he'll resume his partnership with the Vanir.

The Company took away the cured lepers and gave us a new shipment of hydromel. Of course they watered it down quite a bit.

I'll hang around online for a bit, and then it's off to work for me again.

Current Mood: content
Saturday, March 8th, 2003
3:43 pm
Well today is going to be a busy day. Seems the Company will be coming after all.

They seem to come once a cycle to see if any ne persons have been cured. Everyone is a little uptight when that happens. They still don't know that I'm helping the Vanir out. If they did there would likly be more vists and an assasination team sent.

Seems Tegan has experianced something rather traumatic. If anyone has hurt you let me know.

Have given up on the Doctors affections. Olvir should be coming for a visit some half cycle after the Companys visit.

Seems Fitz thinks I fancy him. Seems wrong to let him delude himself like that. He was so conserned about me being delusional as a sign of Lazar's disease. Someone should let him know.

I so do wish that Olvir would return.

12:10 am
I really do wish The Vanir would replace that damned loudspeaker. I suppose I should head for shelter before Phase 2 can be implemented.

I've never been caught out at Phase 2, but I remember the Tegan said it was rather an unpleasent experience for her and Turlough.

Friday, March 7th, 2003
9:43 pm
It seems that The Doctor thebeigeone had feelings for me.

I wish he whould have told me before are departure. The kiss I gave him may have been more substantial had I known. Oh dear, Tegan, I hope you didn't have feelings for him then.

I would feel absolutly dreadful, letting a man come between us like that.

Will try to repress feelings for the Doctor. Must tell Olvir how I feel about him. *sigh*

Ohy, must get back to making hydromel. I had missplased the batch next to my hair brush on the dresser.

Current Mood: loved
12:09 pm
Gah! Every floor is crawling with lepers. I wish those machines would do their job and herd them better.

It's bad enoughe that Garm whent on strike. (The Vanir weren't paying him enoughe) I'll have to talk with him later.

Now were did I put that last batch of hydromel?

Current Mood: stressed
Wednesday, March 5th, 2003
4:18 pm
Hey, looks like Terminus has their internet connection finaly up.

Don't think I'll be using this journal much. Too busy synthesing hydromel for the Vanir.

This will, however be a great way to keep in touch with Tegan and the Doctor.

Toodles for now

Current Mood: exhausted
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