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The KEY to TIME.

Ysu I hav thea *hic* Key to Time. *Hiccup*

damn swigh of 90% proof alchyhow *hic*

and dam thas body and is *hic* low akayhole talerenace *hic*

I have the Key to Time in a loakition dat you will not be ablea ti *hic* recover.

As my demands *hicup* *stumbles* where reckonized I hav decidded to allow for the hauman kalled Fitz *hic* to live.

Oh I have takein all *hic* keyas and valiu*hic*ables. Waxz konsiderin to have a joyried in the TARDIS.

Wid dah KEY to TIME, nuthink can stop my *hic* evil plans to be the TIDDILLY WINKS CHAMPIANT OF THE TIME STREAMS.


Bah, stupid alkyha
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