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Day's wrap up.

Sigurd finally delivered the medical reports and statistics. Seems the population on Terminus has had a significant recovery rate.

Our hospital has been able to cure more than one million of the original lepers that had been on board. We have lost well over a thousand of the very weak. Seems I was to late arrived to help them.

Still receiving plenty of new lepers, but the ones arriving are less advanced in the disease than previous entrants. Mainland society must have developed a more accurate way of diagnosing Lazar's disease. Which is always a plus. Lazar's disease should be nearly wiped out in the next 15 cycles.

Have contacted Seven about allowing me some travel time. I do hope the outcome is a positive one. Will be nice to travel in the TARDIS again... collect some of my notes and the like.

I do hope Ace didn't annihilate them to the extreme.

Oh and I was able to run some magnificent experiments in lab today.
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